Markets can be unpredictable

Do you remember these events?

  • Share market crash – October 1987
  • Share market crash – October 1997
  • Dot-com bubble – March 2000
  • “Twin Towers” attack – September 2001
  • Stock market downturn – October 2002
  • Global financial crisis – 2007 to 2008
  • Share market falls of 2011
  • UK European Union membership referendum – June 2016

For some, these events represented an “investment opportunity” – the opportunity to buy good assets at ‘bargain’ prices.

For others the opposite was true, as they were forced to fire-sell quality assets at record low prices which, for many, resulted in financial ruin.


Today, almost everyone we meet knows someone who has a tale to tell about how one of these events impacted their lives.